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Somethimes being an artist is so much more than creating art. 
That´s why i chose to become an Artivist! It means I mostly create art based on environment issues, endangered species and so much more. If you what to be apart of it, help me to #saveourplanet by buying my postcards on ebay. At the end of each month you can vote the organisation, which will get the money so feel free to join the vote. you´re welcome <3 



my motivation

I want to do something in my life that represent me and my art. I want to do art which is able to create feelings. What kind of feeling doesn´t matter. If you hate my art its ok, cause creating a feeling is so much more than nothing but i would be more happy if you like it. 


about me

Last year I started doing art as a profession and sure becoming an artist isn´t that easy. If you want more to know you can follow me on social media, where you can get in contact with me and my way to create art and become an artist.  

Money for charity in February 2020 right now:

0 € (no voting this month money will spend to australia again)

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