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You are searching for unique artworks and prints? Check them out in my shop and maybe #saveourplanet with it. 

My motivation

I¬īm looking forward to do something in my life that represent me and my art. I want to do art which is able to create feelings and awarness for our fragile world. What kind of feeling doesn¬īt matter. If you hate my art its ok, cause creating a feeling is so much better than nothing. Our nature deserves to be treaten better and thats why i create art with environmental based issues.

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Last Charity Project 2021

We spend 25‚ā¨ from the last quater postcard sales to a WWF lynx project. Here you can find more informations. 

New Print arrived

A new print is available

Next Convention

ComicCon Dortmund 03. - 05.12.2021

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Somethimes being an artist is so much more than creating art. 
That¬īs why i choose to become an Artivist! It means I mostly create art based on environment issues, endangered species and so much more. If you want to be a part of it, help me to #saveourplanet.  

I make fantasy art, but I also want to create awareness for our animals and plants. There is no other planet for us. That's why I appreciate everything that helps to support me and my art. Buy something in my shop, donate me a Ko-fi or ask me for a special ‚Äčcommission. I am happy for each kind of support.

Money for charity in 2021 earned right now:


Meet me:

Here are some links where you can find me


Always as artbyluphalia on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter

in person

ComicCon Dortmund
03. - 05.12.2021 (?)


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original artworks

I do fanart and fantasy stuff too. If you like my style and want a drawing from me, feel free to contact me or get some originals in my shop.

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Animal postcards

A quader of the amount will spent to charity organisations. We support some great projects together and help our planet.

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If you like my style and want a print from me, feel free to get them here in my shop. I print them my own on 100% recyceld paper.

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I offer a bookmark set including 12 warrior ladies based on the zodica signs.
They are also available as single prints.

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Ko-fi break

I¬īm also on Ko-fi if you want to support me on my art journey. Leave me a Tip there and get a coloring page if you like.

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You want more than a normal print or a sticker? Here you can find some merch like tea cups, shirts and more. 

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Do you want a more sustainable lifestyle? Ecolyn can show you what you can do.

Hi it¬īs me :D


Luphalia or Jenny Albrecht 
(artbyluphalia on social media)

Abschluss / Graduation:

Bachelor of Fine Arts
2012 - 2016 Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Master of Arts
2016 - 2019 Hochschule Harz Wernigerode

Current Job
Independet Artist since 2019

You want more Informations?

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