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You are looking for unique artwork and prints? Check them out in my shop and maybe #saveourplanet with it. 

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My motivation

 I’ve always wanted to do something with my life that represents me and my art. My passion is creating art that raises awareness and evokes emotions for our fragile world. It doesn’t matter what kind of emotion my art sparks within you. If you don’t like my art that’s fine,
because any emotion is so much better than none. Nature deserves to be treated better and that’s why I create art about environmental issues. 


Latest Charity Project 2022
We spent 20,00€ to help people in Ukraine.
Find more information here

New Print arrived

A new print is available

Next Convention

MEX Berlin
21.- 23.10.2022 

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Sometimes being an artist is so much more than creating art. 
That's why i chose to become an Artivist! I mostly create art about environment issues, endangered species and so much more.  Help me to #saveourplanet by becoming a part of my Artivism.  

I make fantasy art, but I also want to raise awareness for our animals and plants. There is no
alternative planet for us. That's why I appreciate everything that helps supporting me and my art. Buy something in my shop, donate a Ko-fi or ask me for a special commission. I love any kind of support.

Money for charity in 2022:

45,00€ (20,00€ spend to Ukraine so far)

Meet me:

Here are some links where you can find me: 


Always as artbyluphalia on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter

in person

21.-23.10,2022 Berlin
26.- 27.11.2022 Stuttgart
3.12- 4.12.2022 Dortmund


original artwork

I make fanart and fantasy stuff, too. If you like my style and would like a drawing from me, feel free to contact me or get some originals in my shop.

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prints & more

If you like my style and would like one of my  prints, you're able to get them here in my shop. Printed by myself on 100% recyceld paper.

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Ko-fi break

I'm also on Ko-fi if you'd like to support me on my art journey. Leave me a Tip there and get a coloring page if you like.

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You want more than a normal print or a sticker? Here you can find some merch like tea cups, shirts and more. 

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Do you want to live more sustainably? Ecolyn can show you what you can do.

Hi, it's me :D

Luphalia or Jenny Albrecht 
(artbyluphalia on social media)

Abschluss / Graduation:

Bachelor of Fine Arts
2012 - 2016 Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Master of Arts
2016 - 2019 Hochschule Harz Wernigerode

Current Job
Independet artist since 2019

You want to know more?

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