Who is Ecolyn?

Ecolyn, #gogreenwithecolyn, Stade, artbyluphalia, Künstler

Ecolyn is a litte faun-elf eager to help you to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Ecolyn is trying to remind you that every step you take towards sustainability matters and you don’t need to be perfect, just start right now to save our planet.


Don´t forget to #GoGreenWithEcolyn 💚

Backstory of Ecolyn

He left her ...
with a broken heart
and these carvings 
that would never
go away.

Lyelyn watched him go.

That sailor who had
robbed her soul 

With her last strength,
she dragged herself into
the forest,
 to the house of the
 wicked apothecary,

Maybe he would be 
able to help...

No matter the cost. 

The wicked apothecary
took care of her wounds
and prepared a 
midnight feast for her, 
without saying anything.

Lyelyn was both 
grateful and fearful. 
So far she hadn't 
dared to ask about 
the cost...

Finally, the silence broke
and Lyelyn wasn't sure
 what to do when
Maeco served 
the dessert...

there is a law 
in the forest - 

when a faun
 shares his meal with you,
 you won't be able to refuse

Lyelyn couldn't breathe,
it was like an intoxication.

What happend?

Did she just eat a 

It didn't matter 
anymore, the 
ancient ritual 
had already begun...

The seed of an 
ancient ritual,
sown out in a cold 
winter night, to be 
harvested in autumn,

but this seed was different.

Lyelyn gave birth to 
the fruit of love, 
She named the baby

Little green steps

Here you can find a glimps on the children book i´m working on. If you want to support this project join my ko-fi membership here.

Ecolyn, #gogreenwithecolyn, Stade, Künstler, artbyluphalia

Little green steps #1

Ecolyn always carries a reusable bag with her. Whether she goes on a walk after work, buys groceries for the week or cleans up some litter on her way home. She relies on her trusty bag and you should invest in a good one too, just to be prepared.

Ecolyn, #gogreenwithecolyn, Stade, Künstler, artbyluphalia

Little steps #2

Ecolyn loves to drink tea, but she got really upset when she found out that some teabags contain plastic. Here is some information about German tea brands (in german) and don´t forget to do your own research! 

Ecolyn, #gogreenwithecolyn, Stade, Künstler, artbyluphalia

Little green steps #3

Ecolyn loves reading books instead of watching or streaming movies, but it´s fine if you do. Keep in mind to stream less, it reduces your carbon foot print a lot!

Ecolyn, #gogreenwithecolyn, Stade, Künstler, artbyluphalia

Little green steps #4

Join Ecolyn and participate in Earth Hour every year. Always the last  Saturday in March 8:30 at your local time, wherever you are. Turn off the lights for an hour as climate action. Togehter we will set a global exaple for our planet and reduce our light emissions.💚

Ecolyn, artbyluphalia, Stade, Künstler

Little green steps #5

  Ecolyn collects litter every time she goes out. If you picked up just one piece of trash on your way wherever you go, this would help a lot. It's not difficult and it costs you a few seconds.